Griffo Distillery is founded in Petaluma, California, to create premium, small-batch spirits that showcase the beauty and bounty of Sonoma County.

They are a family-run operation with an emphasis on high quality, California-grown ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship. From formal analysis to custom still controls of their own design, they infuse every step of the spirit-making process with ingenuity and precision—merging craft and science to create spirits that are both beautiful and complex.



“Stony Point Whiskey stands out from many new, young whiskies.”

This whiskey is fresh and grain-forward. Corn and cereal notes allowed to shine but that lovely rye spice coming through on the finish.

Griffo mill organic corn and rye directly into their kettle and keep the grains in through distillation. This crafts a soft and nutty, corn palate with a spicy rye finish.

They then age the whiskey in local barrels with both American and French oak to tune the curve and balance the spirit.