Griffo Distillery is founded in Petaluma, California, to create premium, small-batch spirits that showcase the beauty and bounty of Sonoma County.

They are a family-run operation with an emphasis on high quality, California-grown ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship. From formal analysis to custom still controls of their own design, they infuse every step of the spirit-making process with ingenuity and precision—merging craft and science to create spirits that are both beautiful and complex.


The perfect union of bright citrus and buttery oak.

Griffo’s Award-winning Scott Street Gin rests for 6 months in finished Chardonnay barrels. 

As a result, this process creates an aged gin with a velvety, crisp mouthfeel with notes of honeydew melon, lemongrass, earthy apple, wood, herbs and spice. Why not try it neat or in a simple, spirit-forward cocktail.